An arts-based consulting service that provides clients innovative solutions to their community engagement needs.





We customize arts-based services that meet your community engagement needs.

This can include:

  • Program design

  • Convening design

  • Facilitation

  • Creative assets aimed at community change

  • The practice of partnership

  • Cross-sector translation tools

  • Navigating projects and collaboration from initiation through sustainability

  • Equitable and authentic community engagement through a practice of listening


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Let an Artist Lead Your Next Meeting

We use creative exercises and storytelling as a framework for Team Workshops:

  • Diversity and Inclusion workshops relating to race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, ability, military status, religion, generation, personality types and dynamics in the workplace, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political views

  • Strategic planning

  • Team building and collaboration

  • Communication gaps & active listening

  • Project-based solutions

  • Self-care practices for individuals and teams

Experience Design

Looking for a new way to connect with the environment and people around you?

Play with us for your next meeting, party, or festival. Our artists will create a one of of a kind experience your team will never forget.

  • Encounters— Live, site-specific performance experiences that engage individuals and groups physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

  • Exercises— Communal activities and conversations that connect individuals across their humanity.

  • Environments— Interactive, site-specific spaces, designed to engage audiences with themes, topics, and stories.

Theatre Production and Arts-Integrated Education