An arts-based consulting service that provides clients innovative solutions to their community engagement needs.


We customize services that meet varied needs.

This can include:

  • The practice of partnership

  • Cross-sector translation tools

  • Navigating projects and collaboration from initiation through sustainability

  • Equitable and authentic community engagement through a practice of listening

  • Creative assets aimed at community change

  • Program design

  • Convening design

  • Facilitation


What is an arts-based approach?

We are a resource for organizations and communities working together to build equity, cultural competencies, and business performance. As professionally trained arts facilitators,  we have specialized teamwork skill sets, are attuned to the nuances of group dynamics, and provide fresh solutions for issues that arise in a variety of group settings.

Consulting Services

Prior to engaging with your team, we meet with your organization to identify your unique goals and develop a custom suite of creative exercises to employ during your facilitated workshop(s). A detailed report will be delivered following your workshop, to be accompanied by actionable next steps that will be unpacked at a final post-consultation meeting.