En Masse Arts is an arts-based consulting service that provides clients innovative solutions to their community engagement needs.

Lead consultant, Erika Wilhite, is a Community Engagement Specialist, Experience Designer, and Educator with ten years experience developing projects with community partners. From intimate gatherings to large scale events, she creates the conditions for energetic and authentic engagement. She is the founder of Artist’s Laboratory Theatre, a site-specific immersive company. She is a facilitator and consultant who uses the tools of theatre to work with communities, organizations and public service agencies in the areas of capacity-building around conflict resolution and cooperative partnerships.

Photos by Artist’s Laboratory Theatre



“I have witnessed Erika facilitate conversations around potentially controversial topics. She has an ability to allow many voices to be heard, maintain order when the conversation gets a bit rowdy and do it in a way that feels very affirming. They ask questions designed to start the conversation somewhere that everyone is comfortable and then move it deeper and deeper to find meaningful solutions.

When I know Erika and her team is working on a community meeting, I know it will be a great use of my time to engage with the conversation.

Angela Belford, Board Chair NWA Continuum of Care


They helped raise awareness in the neighborhood.”

“It's been a pleasure partnering with ALT on projects in Fayetteville. Their team engaged individuals who experience homelessness as collaborators in the creative process.

This project has helped raise awareness in the neighborhood about homelessness and the intersecting social issues affecting our wider community.”

Solomon Burchfield

Director of Operations, 7 Hills


“Erika's outreach/engagement skills are masterful - she is incredibly warm and welcoming to so many different kinds of people. Her work will continue make a great impact on her community.”